Reframing Failure: IDeAS Process Handout

It can be daunting to reflect on a recent professional failure, but studies show that developing a level of comfort while receiving useful negative feedback (from others or yourself) can help you foster a growth mindset (Dweck, 2006, Crum, Salovey, & Achor 2013).

The IDeAS process was developed to help assist you in your reflective endeavors.  Built using reflective practice  and organizational developement literature, the process guides you through a series of questions in which you

Identify a recent failure

De-brief the incident

Analyze the incident

Strategize future responses or potential solutions

In field-testing the process with educational developers we found that spending 5-10 minutes in the “Identify” stage helped colleagues move through the remaining steps more productively.  Use the link below to work through the process yourself.

Recently we presented our work as the Anchor Session at the Professional and Organizational Development network (November 10, 2013).